Thirdshelf simplifies how you build and nurture your customer relationships

We know how hard you worked to build your brand and acquire customers. We love the crazy things you do to make your customers happy. We love your passion and know how many hats you wear - serving customers, shipping orders, stocking inventory and getting things just right.
We believe your customers are your most important asset. Helping you figure out who they are and how to build lasting relationships is what we do. You worked hard to get them in the door, let us help you keep them coming back. 

On the floor serving customers


Rami Karam

Co-founder & CEO

Patrick Huynh

Patrick Huynh

EVP, Corporate Development

James Maxwell

James Maxwell

Customer Success Manager


Katherine Moya

Marketing and Sales Operations

Making sure the right products are in stock


Antoine Azar

Co-founder & CTO


Steve Valiquette

Co-founder & CPO

Olivier Vaillancourt

Olivier Vaillancourt

VP, Engineering


Supreet Singh

Software Developer


Rafael Bitencourt

Software Developer


Oleg Kuzovkov

QA Automation Lead


Jean-François Garneau

Lead UX Designer