Do you need more sales?

Try these strategies


Whether you're a restaurant, a retailer or in the service industry - there is one promotional strategy you can use in your in your business today to drive more sales. 

Getting new customers can be challenging, but getting more revenue from each customer that buys from you doesn't have to be.

The goal: get every customer who visits you to spend the most amount of money possible.

What is bundling?

Bundling is the art of convincing your customers to buy multiple items or services from you at the same time. There are two main types of bundling, we'll review both.

Type One: Hard Bundling

This involves combining several items or services together and charging the customer slightly less if everything is bought together. Here are some examples to help you understand.

  • Buying a bike with a helmet and discount the total sale by 2-5%
  • Educating your customers to buy shampoo and conditioner
  • Offering a free gift if legal services and accounting services are bought together

This encourages customers to try multiple products at the same time, increasing their chances of buying each one again. In general there are three main styles of hard bundling.

  • Main Product/Service + Accessories
  • Main Product + Similar Products
  • Main Product/Service + Different Product Service 
  • Pure Bundling (items only ever sold together and never seperate)

    Tip: Use urgency to get customers to take advantage of these deals.  (ex. 'Offer only valid for 4 days!')

Type Two: Merchandising & Advertising

This type of bundling is less obvious than the first. Merchandising and advertising are more about how and when a customer will see two different products or services and make the connection by themselves that they should be bought together.

Advertising:  Using a Facebook Ad telling customers about how to get a free Tooth Whitening when they schedule a Teeth cleaning.

Merchandising: In retail fashion an example of this would be displaying shirts, near pants and socks.


By using either of these strategies your sales will soar.