Increasing your average sale.

(The secret is bundling)


The average sale or average transaction value at your business is an important measure of success. Most businesses see seasonal variation in their average sale value that typically lines up with trends during their high and low seasons. When compared to your competitors this value can tell you a lot about how well your business is doing or how much room you have to improve. Maximizing the average sale is an important goal to work towards.


Discover what's valuable to your customers first, and then work backwards to give them bundling opportunities they'll benefit from.


In other words, whatever your customers care about - that is where the opportunity to serve them better exists. By finding ways to give them more of what they want, you'll have happier, more engaged customers and your average sale will naturally increase. Here are some ideas:

Bundle Items For Convenience

eCommerce giants like Amazon are so successful because they learn what you buy, how you buy it - and try to make this process as easy as possible for their customers. When buying a book for example, the site will automatically recommend similar reads and give them to you in a bundle for less money and effort than if you had looked for them individually. By understanding what a customer is looking for and giving it to them in a more convenient package - everyone wins.

Bundle a Product With a Service (or Vice-versa)

Whether you are selling products or services, there exists huge opportunity to package one with the other. For example: most hair salons offer haircuts, but make huge amounts of revenue selling the support products (creams, gels etc.) that keep the customer feeling happy with the haircut weeks afterwards. In contrast to that, pet shops - offering a wide variety of products, will often bundle in training and grooming sessions that increase the chances of customers coming back to them and allow them to spend more money when they visit.

Train Your Staff

Finally, make sure you and your staff are super familiar with your average ticket size, why it's so important and how you plan to increase it throughout the store while keeping customers and clients satisfied. If everyone is on the same page - your chances for successfully bundling products and services will exponentially increase.