Introducing: Business Coach

Growing your business just got easier


A business needs every advantage it can get. Yours is finally here - introducing Business Coach.


Powerful data that matters.

Each week we analyze your performance and highlight your strengths and areas of concern. Track your revenue, the size of your average sale and how often customers are doing business with you. See how your business performance compares to the rest of your industry or analyze this year’s trends against last year’s data.


Understand your customers.

Not all customers behave the same way. See who your loyal regulars are, how many first-time shoppers have come back and how many customers are slipping away or not coming back.


All your reviews in one place.

See what people are saying about your business on 13 of the most popular review sites including: Google, Facebook and Yelp - all from inside your merchant portal. Get notified when your business receives a new review and respond to it directly to keep your reputation strong and healthy