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At Thirdshelf, we help small retailers grow their businesses. We do it with passion, data and technology. We love our clients and we love turning big and small data into things that matter. Join us!

We're a deliberately small team

We know the value of a great team and we hire slowly. You won't often see open positions at Thirdshelf - that's a side effect of great people sticking around.

We don't hire rock stars, ninjas or samurais. Friendly, thoughtful, humble and growth-driven? Let's talk.



Who we are

We're engineers, product designers, and business professionals. We believe that the future will belong to small businesses, entrepreneurs and innovators.

We build technologies built on data that allow those small businesses to grow and build awesome relationships with their customers.

We partner with some of the best firms in the retail and financial space, and we ingest tons of data. Our job is to turn this data into real value for our customers.

We're a small and young company, we're backed by some of the best investors in the country, and we're profitable.

We believe in taking phenomenal care of our employees, and in turn trust each other to take good care of Thirdshelf.

Our main work tools include Macbooks and axes

Our main work tools include Macbooks and axes


What it's like to work here

You'll work from a beautiful, high-ceiling office surrounded by windows in the heart of downtown Montreal. You’ll have fewer meetings, virtually no email, and a lot less interruption.

You'll be coached by your peers and will coach them in turn. Everything is done as a team, and we're not afraid of recognizing our mistakes and learning from them.

Above many things, we aim for growth - both professional and personal. Your job description is not a boundary, it's a guideline. No one will stop you from taking on more responsibilities. We follow the "do the job you aspire to have" mantra.



A culture where You're in charge

We value initiative, ownership and responsibility, both in our daily work and in the way we shape Thirdshelf. We put in place a process where anyone is free to start and run their own initiative. Some of our employee-run initiatives: lunch and learns, monthly 5 a 7, office snacks, a captain's log, etc. We gather once a month to review our initiatives and hear proposals for new ones. This allows everyone to design their ideal workplace.


What we offer

Open Positions


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Come and say Hello!

Whether you're ready to apply or not, we'd love to meet you! You're welcome to our monthly 5 a 7. Drop us a line and we'll send you an invite:

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Our Office

In the heart of downtown Montreal:
1407 St Alexander St, Suite 301
Montreal, QC H3A 2G3



Some snapshots of life at thirdshelf

We run a monthly 5 a 7 - everyone is welcome! Get in touch if you'd like to share a drink with us.


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