Grow your customer relationships automatically

Engage your customers and boost sales with a consistent heartbeat of personalized offers branded to your business. Create your own custom offers or use our built-in offer templates - our offer creation wizard and automation make it easy. Send offers by email and in the language your customers prefer. We keep your customer list up to date and compliant with anti-spam rules.

Basic offers and notifications

A foundation for building your customer list and creating a heartbeat with your customers.

One-click activation of: Sign-Up Offers to promote your member program and build your customer list, Birthday Offers sent to your customers daily, Thank You Notifications sent to members when they make a purchase and a Monthly Digest that summarizes member status each month.


Custom offers

A simple offer wizard makes launching custom offers a breeze. Launch in seconds, no design or technical skills required.

We pre-configure your offer templates with your branding (logo and colors). You just pick the customer segment you want the offer sent to and fill in the blanks to craft your offer. Then you can add custom images and set the validity dates for your offer. All done!

Offer scheduling & automation

A set of tools to make planning and running your marketing offers easy and convenient.

Create a rolling marketing calendar by using our scheduling settings that allow you to pre-configure offers and schedule them to go out in the future. Coupled with Thirdshelf's offer automation you can now create, send and measure the success of your offers in minutes.


Automated retention

A powerful tool designed to automatically detect and prevent losing customers.

Activate our automatic retention offers and Thirdshelf will automatically send them to customers that we detect are at risk of being lost or have lapsed. Integration to your point-of-sale system allows us to detect these changes in customer buying behavior on a daily basis, so you can act fast.

Seasonal Offers

A library of pre-packaged offers for major seasonal occasions throughout the year.

Don't miss a major occasion again. Customize our pre-packaged seasonal offers to your needs and schedule them to go out on the dates that you choose. You can create a complete marketing calendar for the year in one sitting and then let us do all the heavy lifting.