Measure your customer relationships with ease

Track the evolution of your customer relationships and launch highly personalized marketing. Its never been easier to segment your customers by using our automatic segments or by creating your own custom segments. Integration to your point-of-sale data means you'll never have to import and export data, use manual sorting or pivot tables again, ever.

Customer lifecycle

A simple framework to measure and manage all the customer relationships you are building.

See your business from a customer-centric perspective. In a single view, updated regularly, you can see where all your customers currently are in their lifecycle: First Time Customers, Repeat Customers, Loyal Customers, At Risk Customers and Lapsed Customers.


Automatic segments

A powerful segmentation engine that uses customer purchasing patterns to automatically create segments.

Our customer lifecycle segments automatically reveal the purchasing patterns of your customers. You can see how much each segment spends, their average transaction value, how frequently they shop and how recently they last purchased. 

Segments dashboard

An intuitive interface that makes it easy to create and manage your segments in one place.

Segments created in your Thirdshelf account are organized into two groups, Automatic segments that Thirdshelf creates for you and Custom segments that you create. At a glance you can see how many customers are in each segment and how many offers a segment is associated with.