You work hard to build your brand, get customers in the door and deliver great products and service

We're here to help you unlock the value of those efforts. 

Your brand

Thirdshelf is invisible to your customers and we never send them direct communications or third-party offers. This is your loyalty program — featuring your brand, your logo, and your messages.


Your customers

All customer records stored in your Thirdshelf account belong to you. You can access and retrieve this information from your account at any time, at no cost. We never rent or sell your customer list. We never send third party offers.

Proven value

We make it easy to see if your marketing efforts are working and to identify opportunities for improvement. Our tight integrations with POS and e-commerce systems means that you can measure more than clicks and open rates — you will see the actual sales value tied to each campaign. 


Seamless for customers

Thirdshelf is built directly into your point of sale system. That means your customers don't have to carry a card in their wallet or download an app to participate in your program. They can just give you their name or phone number when they make a purchase.

Simple for staff

Thirdshelf can be activated inside supported point of sale systems in minutes and requires no extra hardware or software. Your staff will require minimal training and your checkout process will be just as quick as it always was.